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New Age of Marauders is a Marauder's Era Harry Potter roleplay. which is nearly 2 years strong. It's been recently revamped and is now beginning with the Marauders set in their Seventh year of Hogwarts.

Original characters are accepted and encouraged and face claim changes are negotiable. You must read the handbook before starting here, and looking at our portkey is strongly recommended.

Currently, there are 38 female students and 30 male students enrolled in Hogwarts.

The current application count is 0 applications. Want to apply? Start here. Applications are accepted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

We have visiting.

7/17/14 new theme & graphics

Admin Tati is the founder of New Age. She is 19 and she borrows the face of Jennifer Lawrence.

Admin Katie is the co-admin of New Age. She is 16 and she borrows the face of Zoe Sugg.


Background: Growing up in a rich pureblood family, Bertram was spoiled as a child. He is very much like James Potter… which is probably why they don’t get along… at all. He struts around the school like he owns the place, Though he was a spoiled child, he was also an only child, and so his parents tried to show their love through gifts. So, naturally, he’s used to getting exactly what he wants. He used to date Lily Evans, but that didn’t last as long as he had hoped because of none other than James Potter, who ended up hexing him. 

Personality: Unlike James Potter, Bertram doesn’t hex people or play pranks, and he doesn’t play Quidditch (though he is seen working out quite frequently). Though quite egotistical at times, he is actually a very nice boy. At the same time, he can be a bit snooty, a bit selfish, quite flirty, and very arrogant. He is handsome and he knows it too. Though he tends to think with the wrong head, his heart is in the right place. He is very close with his fellow Hufflepuffs and very loyal to them and all his friends as well. He is also very close with Elena Eldrich and her family. 

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